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Clym’s Online Hazcom GHS Training Module Getting Great Reviews!

With the OSHA deadline at hand for training of all impacted employees on the new revisions to the Hazard Communication Standard (Hazcom), Clym is very pleased to report that our online training module has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The training focuses on the changes associated with the Globally Harmonized System for the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) and is presented in Clym’s online learning management system. The training was developed to be convenient, comprehensive, compliant and affordable. Here’s what students who have completed the course are saying:

“This was wonderful.It gave me just enough information for me to understand my training requirements for the 12/1/2013 deadline and to evaluate whether the training would be appropriate for our workforce.”

“This is a great training course.I will have all of my employees take it.”

“The training session was informative and easy to follow”

“The information was very informative and gave me a starting point to understand what is and what is not harmful in the workplace and at home. Gave me the info to recognize the degree of the hazard and what to do if exposed to a harmful chemical.”

“Nice presentation…very professional.”

“This training was put together exceptionally well and understandable!”

“This training was indeed excellent. I am impressed with the presentation, the content, and the quality. And you can’t beat the price. Thank you.”

“Overall I felt that it was an effective course. Provided good information without taking too much time.”

“It was comprehensive, detailed and precise.”

“Not a fan of online training, but the course covered the basics well.”


“The tempo was excellent – not too fast not too slow”

“I’ve done a lot of online type training, safety and other. This one was quite smooth and able to hold my interest while providing usable information. Thank you”

“When my employer gave this project, I was a bit confused and overwhelmed. This training helped tremendously!”

“It provided good information and rationale for changing the current system and was very informative”

“The program was well thought out and informative. Good job.”

“Well explained and very informative”

“Very well organized as to content and ease of understanding”

“The course was informative and well presented. I would be interested in participating in other offered courses.”

“The course was concise and to the point, no waste time.”

“It was very informative without being too complex. The courses provided detailed information on the topic, without being drawn out or too technical.”

“It was great. I liked that you could go back and do the area again if you didn’t quite get it the first time.

…and there are MANY more like these – thank you for your feedback!

Of course, there were some folks who had suggestions for improvements. Many of these great suggestions are actually already available in the training:

“I would prefer Closed Captioning to go along with the voiceover”

Its already there – just click on the “CC” button in the control bar to turn the closed captioning feature on!

“I’d prefer to know which test questions I got wrong”

You can! Once you successfully complete a quiz click on the Results button by your test score to see which questions (if any) you missed.

If you still need Hazcom GHS training to get into compliance with this new OSHA requirement, try our training out at! It’s the best online Hazcom GHS training value on the web. Looking for other safety training courses? Contact Clym to learn more about our customization options or come back here to see what new trainings are coming in January 2014!