On-site Safety Services

Whether you need help on basis or need a reliable partner to outsource your EHS, Clym’s customized service approach can fit your company’s need. It’s an ideal solution for small to mid-sized companies that want to establish a foundation for workplace safety.

Safety Support Services

Our Safety Support Services Division provides customized services designed to function as your outsource Environmental Health and Safety department or to work in concert with existing programs and staff. Clym’s menu of services supports all regulatory requirements that your organization must meet. You choose which services are best to outsource and customize a package to meet your needs. Leverage Clym’s services and professionals to assure complete compliance!

Clym also provides bundled services for easy and fast implementation of total Environmental Health and Safety services. Choose our WorkSafe Compliance Package for small operations or our On-site Safety Service for larger organizations. Regardless of your level of need, Clym will work with you in designing a comprehensive, budget-friendly solution.

Our EHS Training services are the best in the industry. Clym crafts site specific and need specific training programs, delivered by dynamic, hands-on instructors. By focusing on specific program design, content and subsequent initiation, Clym can assist in assuring that any training effort achieves the intended results: safe work practices and complete compliance. If your employees think that EHS training equals drudgery, Clym has the answer!

With decades of experience throughout the life sciences industry, Clym’s professional consultants bring a unique perspective and problem-solving skill set to any size organization. From compliance audits, to issue specific advice, program implementation or project management, Clym provides a qualified consultant to provide these environmental compliance services and meet the need. Choose the level of experience demanded by your project and tap the knowledge of our Certified Safety Professionals, Health Physicists, Hazardous Materials Managers, or Industrial Hygienists!

How Does Outsourcing Work?

The process begins with a needs assessment. Then, you are assigned an EHS specialist who serves as a project manager that works with you to plan corrective actions and map out the future. Your project manager is your point person to provide the support you require – from additional staff to expert advice.

Safety Services Offered:

  • EHS Needs Assessment
  • Hazardous Waste Collection
  • Regulatory Program and Policy Development
  • Compliance Inspections and Surveys
  • EHS Program Audits
  • Facility Hazards Review
  • Radiological Equipment Calibration and Quality Assurance Programs
  • Radiation Exposure Management
  • Laboratory Safety Equipment Inspection and Validation
  • Accident, Injury and Incident Investigation
  • Required Training

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