Waste Disposal Services

Clym is not your typical waste disposal service provider. Our technicians study your organization’s waste generation to propose solutions that are cost-efficient, sustainable, and limit your liability. With Clym, your organization will get a fully developed solution to not only dispose but reduce your future waste generation.

Radioactive Waste Disposal Services

Clym is a fully licensed and insured radioactive waste collector and consolidator. We provide a turnkey service, from waste profiling to final disposal, to protect the liability of our clients. A highly trained and experienced radioactive waste technician will assess the waste designated for disposal and arrange for the proper packaging, manifesting, shipment, processing and final disposal.

With access to all major processing and disposal facilities in the country, Clym can arrange for the right service to meet your needs. We’re not limited to a specific facility so we can make controlling your liability our top priority. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist in disposing of the following types of radioactive waste.

Waste Types:

  • Dry Active Waste: Solid radioactive waste, such as contaminated personal protective gloves, absorbent paper or labware.
  • Uranium / Thorium Compounds: Various compounds containing naturally occurring uranium or thorium, such as uranyl acetate. We often collect these materials from educational facilities, labs and hospitals.
  • Liquid Scintillation Vials: Liquid scintillation (LS) vials containing hazardous or non-hazardous scintillation media. We have disposal outlets for all types of waste from scintillation counting.
  • Bulk Liquid Scintillation Fluid: Bulk (drum quantity) scintillation fluids can be segregated by hazard type and/or radioactive constituency to provide cost effective disposal options.
  • Aqueous Liquids: Water-based liquid waste, like contaminated buffers, can be bulked for off-site disposal or analyzed for on-site disposal options.
  • Animal Carcasses and Bedding: Waste from animal research protocols. Clym has multiple processing and disposal options for short and long-lived animal waste.
  • Sealed Sources: Concentrated sources of radioactivity as calibration or reference standard or generally licensed sources such as electron capture detectors, flood sources or density gauges.
  • NORM: Naturally occurring radioactive materials such as depleted uranium, manufactured articles containing radium or other waste with higher concentrations of NORM.
  • Metals: Activated or radioactively contaminated metals can be shipped for beneficial reuse, decontamination or disposal.
  • Mixed Waste: Multi-hazard waste or mixed waste can be profiled and priced for disposal based on volumes, constituencies and concentrations.

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