Decommissioning Services

No matter what you need for your facility, Clym is equipped to work with your organization from initial licensing to facility closure. Our team of experts have years of experience working with projects of all sizes and building project specific operation and safety plans. We handle the small details and documentation, creating a customized plan so you can reduce and avoid liability. From license termination and facility decommissioning services to decontamination and lab moving, we’ll guide your through the entire process.

Decommissioning Services

Once you exit your facility, you don’t want to leave any liability behind. Clym provides decommissioning and site release services for projects of all sizes. We begin by providing an operation plan as well as a site health and safety plan to establish the project scope. Once the decommissioning process is complete, Clym will provide validation documentation.

Decommissioning and Remediation

Clym’s service array is designed to meet the needs of those organizations that employ hazardous materials in their course of business. That means comprehensive servicing from initial licensing to facility closure. Our Decommissioning and Remediation Services Division provides facility decommissioning services for users of hazardous materials. In addition, Clym offers complete lab decontamination services for hazardous, radioactive, biological or mixed hazard materials. This division also has specific experience in conducting Radiological Final Status Surveys in support of license termination. And if you are moving from one location to another, Clym can safely and compliantly package and move hazardous materials and equipment for you.

Clym has successfully conducted decommissioning services for governmental and private facilities of all sizes and types including mercury remediation, radiological decontamination, and biological disinfection among others. Our Project Managers will create an Action Plan with timelines, Project Specific Health and Safety Plans and phase by phase budget projections. Clym prides itself on our reputation of ‘on-time, under budget service providers.’

Clym technicians are trained in emergency and spill response. Our services include on call emergency response and project specific decontamination services. No project is too small or too difficult. Clym Project Managers leverage our unique capabilities to provide a single source solution for decontamination projects. Let us prepare a specific Project Action Plan and pricing quotation for you!

If your facility is moving, Clym will segregate, inventory, package, manifest, ship and unpack hazardous materials and equipment for you. Clym technicians will assure that your hazardous materials are moved safely and compliantly so that you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Hazardous Materials Moving

Moving hazardous materials from your old laboratories to your new laboratories requires using public roads. This requires proper organization, segregation, packaging and manifesting in addition to using appropriately licensed trucks and drivers. Clym personnel have extensive experience handling and moving biological, chemical and radiological materials.

Services Offered:

  • Hazardous Materials Transfer and Transport from Old to New Locations
  • Shipping within an Environmentally Controlled System as Required
  • Bench to Bench Hazardous Materials Transfer
  • Radiological Decommissioning in Accordance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Guidance Documents
  • Validation for Biological, Chemical or Radiological Contamination Control

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