Decommissioning Services

No matter what you need for your facility, Clym is equipped to work with your organization from initial licensing to facility closure. Our team of experts have years of experience working with projects of all sizes and building project specific operation and safety plans. We handle the small details and documentation, creating a customized plan so you can reduce and avoid liability. From license termination and facility decommissioning services to decontamination and lab moving, we’ll guide your through the entire process.

Laboratory Moving Services

Cool Laboratory Moving

Moving a laboratory is a difficult task. There are two main aspects of the move that require very specific skillsets. Moving delicate – and expensive – laboratory equipment is a complex task that must be performed correctly to avoid costly and possibly even irreparable damage. Moving laboratory samples and chemicals safely, and complying with all applicable regulatory requirements in the process, is another highly specialized task.

Safely packaging and moving chemicals requires specialized knowledge that a lab scientist may not possess. They know how to safely use and store the chemicals in the laboratory, but do they know the packaging and labeling requirements for shipment of the chemicals? Do they know the regulatory thresholds for specific package types? Do they know what materials can and cannot be shipped together?

Most laboratories that use chemicals also have chemical waste. Some of this waste may be classified as hazardous and be subject to specific disposal requirements. Chemists and technicians who generate these types of wastes are probably familiar with these requirements, and they are familiar with the shipping manifests that accompany the waste when it is removed for disposal. But what about moving an empty waste container to a new laboratory?

What about temperature sensitive samples? Some labs store a significant volume of priceless samples that must be kept at a specific temperature. The proper inventory, packing, transport and storage of these valuable samples must be carefully planned and executed. Researchers may need assistance in determining what types of packaging can meet regulatory transport requirements while still allowing for the proper storage of their samples.

Proper documentation of all materials moved is another critical aspect of moving a laboratory. Accurate inventories are important to ensure that everything is accounted for during the move. Many chemicals can be misused, and you must know that your entire inventory arrives at the new facility. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) have to accompany the chemicals when they are shipped, and the SDS documents also have be filed at the new facility when the chemicals arrive.

Clym Environmental Services has the knowledge and training required to safely package up your laboratory and move it to a new location. We know the regulatory requirements, we follow all safety and regulatory protocols, and we carefully document everything that we do. When we move your laboratory, you can be confident that the move is being done correctly.

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