On-site Safety Services

Whether you need help on basis or need a reliable partner to outsource your EHS, Clym’s customized service approach can fit your company’s need. It’s an ideal solution for small to mid-sized companies that want to establish a foundation for workplace safety.

EHS Training Program

EHS Training is mandatory but it doesn’t have to be dull. Let our dynamic instructors make it comprehensive, specific, useful and fun. That’s right fun!

Clym offers on-site, customized training classes in several different areas. Pricing is specific to the level of detail, training materials involved, required documentation and number of students. Each training class will include comprehensive outline, training materials, on-site delivery and documentation.

EHS Training Topics:

  • Radioactive Materials Safety: Basic, Refresher, Non-User or Administrative
  • Radiation Safety: X-ray Machine Use, Irradiator Use, Radiation Detection Instrumentation Use
  • Biological Safety: Bloodborne Pathogens, Biosafety in the Research Laboratory
  • Chemical Safety: Hazardous Chemical Management, Chemical Hygiene, Hazard Communication, OSHA Lab Standard
  • Waste Management, Emergency Response: RCRA Employee, HAZMAT Employee (DOT/IATA), HAZWOPER, Lab Scale Spill Response
  • General Industrial Safety: Injury and Illness Recordkeeping, Ergonomics Awareness, Incident Investigation, Lockout Tagout Standard, Confined Space Standard
  • Customized Training: You choose elements of interest

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