On-site Safety Services

Whether you need help on basis or need a reliable partner to outsource your EHS, Clym’s customized service approach can fit your company’s need. It’s an ideal solution for small to mid-sized companies that want to establish a foundation for workplace safety.

Safety Consulting Services

Clym’s staff of safety professionals provides a full range of safety consulting to clients of all sizes. Our experienced team of results-oriented relationship managers will listen to your needs and then customize a solution to meet your goals. We’ve worked diligently to earn our industry leading reputation, contact us today so we can get started on your affordable safety solution.

For start-ups to mid-sized companies, our outsourced Safety Officer programs allow you to leverage our decades of safety management experience without realizing the salary of a full-time employee. Simply select the level of service you need and pay for only that level of service. As you company grows, we can add to your service level as needed. It all starts with a comprehensive Needs Assessment where we clearly define what you need to achieve full compliance.

If you already have Safety personnel on staff or even have your own Safety Department, you can use Clym’s experts to assist you as needed. Perhaps you need an audit of an element of your program or assistance developing and delivering a comprehensive training course? We’re here to help. Your compliance and your satisfaction are our goal.

We offer on-site or on-call consulting and technician services. Our rates are affordable and are based on the parameters of your project.

Routine Areas of Consulting:

  • Radiation Safety: Annual audits, basic and refresher user training, X-ray safety training, comprehensive surveys, decommissioning surveys and protocol review are some of our most popular services.
  • Chemical Safety and Management: Inventory program creation, written Chemical Hygiene Plans, comprehensive waste management plans, PPE assessments, storage requirements and program audits are some of the services we provide.
  • Controlled Substances: Services include permit applications, protocol review and revision, inventory and disposal oversight.
  • Biological Safety: Our consultants perform Biological Risk Assessment, write site-specific Exposure Control Plans, review protocol applications, support Institutional Biosafety Committees and create waste management programs to name a few.
  • Medical Waste Management: Need a facility identification number, a Department of Transportation training program or security plan, a waste management program or compliance audit?
  • OSHA Compliance: Consulting for all OSHA regulations including Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment, Hearing Conservation, Lockout/Tagout, Laboratory Standard and more!
  • EPA Compliance: Includes Hazard waste generation, collection and consolidation, management and disposal, biennial reporting, RCRA training, inspections and audits.
  • EHS Program Implementation and Management: Let our seasoned professionals assist in the design, rollout and benchmarking of your environmental, health and safety initiatives.
  • Ergonomics: Services include workplace assessments, program audits and training.
  • Laser Safety: Written Laser Safety Plans, program audits, inspections, inventory and PPE assessments and more!
  • Healthcare Regulatory Compliance: Annual audits of written programs, review of workplace hazard communication signage, review of safety procedures, incident and accident reporting, training courses, DOT compliance, controlled substances management programs – everything you need to stay compliant!

Contact one of our professionals for a customized consulting services package!

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