Waste Disposal Services

Clym is not your typical waste disposal service provider. Our technicians study your organization’s waste generation to propose solutions that are cost-efficient, sustainable, and limit your liability. With Clym, your organization will get a fully developed solution to not only dispose but reduce your future waste generation.

Hazardous Waste Management

Clym is fully licensed and insured to provide chemical waste processing and disposal services. From small volume labpacks to bulk drums or truckload quantities we can arrange a safe and affordable solution for your facility. A highly trained and experienced hazardous waste technician will assess the waste designated for disposal and arrange for the proper packaging, manifesting, shipment, processing and final disposal.

With access to all major processing and disposal facilities in the country, Clym can arrange for the right service to meet your needs. We’re not limited to a specific facility or process so we can make controlling your liability our top priority. Let us bring our decades of experience to help solve your hazardous waste disposal needs.

It’s our focus on service that sets us apart. Not only can we provide all containers needed to properly package and store your hazardous waste, but we can also provide point of generation waste collection services. This means that your staff can continue their important work, while Clym manages the collection, consolidation and disposal of chemical waste at your site. In addition our safety professional can assist with waste storage area audits, written chemical hygiene plans and periodic inspections.

By combining waste from multiple generators on each shipment we can reduce transportation costs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist in disposing of the following types of chemical waste.

Chemical Waste Types:

  • Flammable liquids: Solvents and other flammable or ignitable wastes
  • Corrosives: Acids, bases and mixtures with extreme pH
  • Reactives: Oxidizers and organic peroxides
  • Toxics: Toxic or poisonous materials or waste
  • Multi-hazards: Waste exhibiting multiple chemical hazards
  • Mixed waste: Radioactivity and chemical hazards in the same waste stream
  • Universal waste: Waste requiring special disposal, such as fluorescent light tubes, batteries and pesticides.

Talk with Clym today to determine the best disposal option for all of your waste!

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