On-site Safety Services

Whether you need help on basis or need a reliable partner to outsource your EHS, Clym’s customized service approach can fit your company’s need. It’s an ideal solution for small to mid-sized companies that want to establish a foundation for workplace safety.

EHS Compliance Services

No one is more familiar with safety, health and environmental compliance than Clym. Our specialists will customize the document management solution for your company. Clym can develop your written programs or simply review your documents to provide additional perspective.

Programs Requiring Written Plans

Within the life science industry there are a number of regulatory program requirements common to research and development operations. Clym project managers can assist with your program development and implementation.

Common Required Regulatory Programs Affecting Your Industry:

  • Chemical Hygiene
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Contingency Planning
  • Hazard Communication
  • Bloodborne Pathogen
  • Lockout / Tagout
  • Radiation Protection Program

Services Offered:

  • Radioactive Materials Use License
  • Hazardous Materials Use Permits
  • Shipping Manifests
  • Regulatory Programmatic Review and Audits
  • EHS Training Records
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Accident, Injury and Illness Records
  • Life Safety Equipment Validation Records
  • Environmental Monitoring & Reporting Requirements
  • Job Hazard Review & Analysis
  • Life Safety and Fire Protection Inspections
  • Healthcare Compliance Audits
  • Laser Safety Audits

Chemical Compliance Audits

Don’t wait for an inspection from a regulatory authority to learn how your organization stacks up with safety requirements, let Clym conduct a comprehensive program audit to define any gaps and devise a strategy to move you back into compliance. Our Safety Professionals have decades of experience in identifying programmatic shortcomings and developing affordable, lasting solutions. Let us identify where your resources should be applied and you decide whether or not you need additional assistance in implementing the solution. We’re here to help as much, or as little, as you like!

Common Requests:

  • Radiation Protection Program Audits: We’ll conduct the required annual review for your program and provide a detailed report of findings including recommended and required actions.
  • OSHA Compliance Audits: From a complete review of your workplace safety procedures to more focused reviews of single programs, we can provide a clear-eyed assessment of your worker protection processes and useful suggestions for any improvements.
  • Warehouse Safety Compliance Audits: Forklift safety, egress pathways, chemical compatibility, overhead storage, waste accumulation areas, first aid and fire safety, personal protective equipment selection and use can all be a part of a warehouse safety compliance audit.
  • Chemical Hygiene Program Audits: All aspects of hazardous chemical procurement, inventory, storage, labeling, waste profiling and waste disposal are included in a chemical hygiene program audit.  Additionally workplace hazard communication signage, training and Safety Data Sheet management are assessed.
  • EHS Program Audits: Interested in a full review of your environmental health and safety program?  Want to benchmark your program with others in your industry? Let Clym provide an honest assessment and meaningful suggestions for improvement.
  • Exposure Control Plan Audits: A comprehensive review of biological risk assessments, good microbiological techniques, exposure tracking and reporting, bloodborne pathogens control, needlestick prevention, container and work area labeling, required training and more!
  • Laboratory Safety Inspections: Reviews of facilities, work practices, storage strategies, electrical safety, waste management practices, facility evacuation procedures – you can customize the inspection list or choose from one of our templates!

Chemical Compliance Training

Compliance & Safety Training

Compliance and Safety Training is an easy and effective way for medical facilities to comply with safety and environmental regulations. It allows you flexibility to comply without stressing your budget or your schedule.

Did You Know?

  • You must follow the Hazard Communication Standard including periodic training and a site-specific written program.
  • OSHA recently revised the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard adding stringent requirements to record and control needle stick injuries.
  • Medical waste is a hazardous material, and those who offer it for transportation need training.

Unlike other programs, Clym also provides instruction on requirements of the Hazard Communication Standard, Department of Transportation HAZMAT shipping regulations, and multiple other safety topics.

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