Decommissioning Services

Clym is equipped to work with your organization from initial licensing to facility closure. Our team of experts have experience working with projects of all sizes and building project specific operation and safety plans. We handle the small details and documentation so you can reduce and avoid liability.

License Termination

The nuances of radioactive materials possession and use license termination are well understood by Clym Health Physicists. Our Project Managers have completed difficult site closures using different release criteria for NRC and Agreement State regulators. Clym will design a license termination plan for you and provide turnkey services or can assist with any part of the license termination process. Our in-house radioanalytical laboratory means we can react more quickly to survey findings and control the costs associated with sample analysis.

Services Include:

  • Consulting
  • Historical Assessments
  • Environmental Impact Surveys
  • Scoping Surveys
  • Decontamination Services
  • Waste Management, Transportation, Processing and Disposal
  • Final Status Surveys and Reporting

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