Waste Disposal Services

Clym is not your typical waste disposal service provider. Our technicians study your organization’s waste generation to propose solutions that are cost-efficient, sustainable, and limit your liability. With Clym, your organization will get a fully developed solution to not only dispose but reduce your future waste generation.

Medical Waste Disposal Services

Clym provides reliable, affordable medical waste compliance services to the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industries. Our medical waste specialists collect waste at the point of generation and package the waste for you – saving you time and the liability associated with waste packaging. You choose a schedule for waste collection and Clym will meet it. Our turnkey service includes required safety training, written safety programs, waste collection and disposal, as well as periodic audits and inspections to assure you stay in compliance. Clym also provides all of the packaging materials that you’ll need and will replace these supplies at the time of waste collection. Presently, Clym is fully permitted to provide medical waste compliance services in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Our Sharps Container Replacement program allows you to purchase sharps containers as needed and we’ll replace filled containers when collected. Clym stocks a variety of sizes and styles to meet your specific needs. We can install permanent sharps collection systems and replace containers as needed or we can help institute a reusable sharps program at your site.

If you’re tired of poor service, high prices and restrictive contracts, there is a viable alternative and you’ve just found it. Contact us today to learn why so many healthcare practices, nursing homes, research laboratories, clinics, veterinarians, educational institutions and hospitals have chosen Clym. Compliance doesn’t have to be painful or costly, if you’re disappointed in the service offered by the “biggest”, why not try the best?

Almost anyone can haul away your medical waste. Why not demand more? Let Clym protect your liability and our environment by assuring the safe and legal destruction of your medical waste. Clym’s comprehensive medical waste service is an affordable alternative to keep your organization in compliance with the myriad of regulations governing the handling, storage and disposal of medical wastes. When you’re ready for consistent service excellence, comprehensive compliance solutions and fair, reasonable pricing and service terms, contact Clym!

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