Waste Disposal Services

Clym is not your typical waste disposal service provider. Our technicians study your organization’s waste generation to propose solutions that are cost-efficient, sustainable, and limit your liability. With Clym, your organization will get a fully developed solution to not only dispose but reduce your future waste generation.

Waste Disposal Services

Clym is a fully licensed, permitted and insured waste collection and consolidation company. Offering a single source solution for hazardous, radioactive, biological and controlled substance waste generators, Clym provides turnkey waste management services. Our technicians will conduct point of generation waste collection and subsequent waste stream management. Clym will study your organization’s waste generation and deliver waste collection, processing and disposal solutions that protect our environment, limit your liability and stay on budget.

With a single call to Clym, your waste management needs will be completely fulfilled. Regardless of the types of waste streams or waste volumes you generate, Clym has a solution for you. For those in the Medical Profession or Analytical Laboratories, our Special Medical Waste program will provide the service and reliability you expect for medical waste disposal needs such as sharps disposal and dental waste management.

In addition, Clym will provide all necessary waste collection containers, spill supplies and support services that you may need.

Advantages of Bundled Waste Services

Using Clym as a single waste disposal option is a cost-effective solution for many of our clients. In addition, having this relationship simplifies oversight and management of your regulated waste generation. Clym’s cross-trained technicians, impeccable compliance history and strong insurance coverage means reduced liability for you and your organization.

Waste Profiles Include:

  • Biological (Infectious)
  • Chemical (Hazardous)
  • Radiological
  • Mixed
  • Reject and Expired Material
  • Chemotherapeutic
  • Controlled Substances
  • Recycling

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