Posted on March 24, 2022

Disruptive Behavior in Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Protects the Future

pile of orange prescription bottles

In our last post, we defined the real and present need for a paradigm shifting sustainable regulated medical waste (RMW) disposal service. With thousands of tons of RMW generated every year, the impact of our current model is not only unsustainable, but also a significant contributor to the growing environmental woes felt around the globe. Unfortunately, the reaction to date has been one of resignation – “What else can we do?  This is the only way.” 

At Clym, we have the answer to “what else can we do?”  Innovate.  Disrupt.  Don’t settle for the status quo for the management of health care waste, when the status quo is simply not good enough. Without such a dramatic shift, the environmental changes we see happening around us become our permanent reality and the future dims for coming generations.  So, what else can be done? Rethink our strategy for RMW and actively choose to do better.

Regulated medical waste is here to stay. It comes from our hospitals, our pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, our research and development labs and our colleges and universities.  When we can’t change what generates the waste, we must change how we manage the waste.  Better waste management includes new ideas to limit or eliminate transportation.  It requires safer, better, environmentally friendlier treatment.  And better waste management demands reclaiming the inherent value in post-treatment materials rather than polluting our skies, waterways, and earth.

Fortunately, this is exactly what Clym’s new sustainable regulated medical waste service provides.  We are disrupting the current model of heavy transportation, RMW consolidation and hazardous energy treatment processes.  We have moved away from land and air polluting disposal methodologies.  We are adopting the most beneficial recycling and innovative upcycling opportunities.  In short, sustainable regulated medical waste disposal management requires comprehensive change, and that’s exactly what Clym is doing.

Change can be exciting.  Change can be frightening.  But often, change is not optional.  This is one of those times, where change is demanded.  Contact Clym today to find out more about how easy and impactful our revolutionary service can be for your facility.  A better world starts with your willingness to act – Clym will take it from there.