Posted on October 29, 2020

How To Choose The Best Medical Waste Management Company

You will need to make many important decisions as your business grows, including when to build a solution for an emerging need into your infrastructure and when to outsource those functions to a partner. How you choose those partners is very important, because you will be entrusting key parts of your core business to someone else. You should always take the time to investigate your options fully so you can choose the partner business who best suits your needs—especially when selecting a medical waste management company.

It’s especially important to select a top-notch medical waste management company because the stakes are high. Medical waste, if improperly disposed of, can cause bodily harm to your employees and others by spreading disease and bodily injury. Incurring fees and penalties creates not only a financial liability to your business—it may also damage your reputation. That’s why it makes sense to select a management company that will handle everything according to applicable rules, regulations, and laws so that you can enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done…and peace of mind.

When choosing a medical waste management company, evaluate each in light of the following considerations:


There’s no substitute for a proven track record in this important area. Make sure the company you choose has applied these many years of experience to optimizing their policies, procedures, and processes regarding pick-up and disposal. You need a company that’s built a reputation for results and service, adapted to the industry over the years, and created responsive, flexible medical waste management solutions based on individual companies’ needs.


Rate your medical waste management options carefully in these two areas. Ensure the proposal you have is inclusive. Know what they are charging, what’s included, and if any line items you need will be billed separately. Be sure each competitor for your business has disclosed all potential fees and surcharges that will be passed on to you to minimize expensive surprises when your invoices start arriving.

Customer Service.

Investigate the levels of customer service they offer and determine if one meets your needs. Do you anticipate needing guidance and advice, or will reliable pick-ups and secure handling check off the boxes for you? Do they make every effort to be up to date with the constantly changing state, local, and federal (EPA) requirements?

Opportunities for Training.

OSHA compliance training is necessary to ensure that your company complies with all state and federal laws. Your employees need to participate in instruction regularly and take annual tests to ensure they understand the changes in policies from year to year. The courses they offer should include training on a wide variety of topics, including OSHA bloodborne pathogens, HIPAA, and Hazard Communication Standards. On-site, virtual, or online training all work, but you will want to be able to choose the training mode that fits your needs and workforce best.


Local, state, and federal regulations change frequently. It’s important to select a medical waste management company that you can trust to stay up to date and compliant. Remember, your practice and money are on the line.

Looking to partner with a medical waste management company you can rely on to be experienced, transparent, flexible, versatile, and compliant? Get in touch with us. We’re here to create a custom medical waste management solution that meets your needs and gives you confidence.