The Maryland Green Registry

One of our company values at Clym Environmental Services is a strong, proactive approach to environmental management. As a testament to this, Clym has qualified for membership in the Maryland Green Registry.

MD Green Registry Logo

The Maryland Green Registry is qualifying standard that promotes and recognizes sustainable practices at organizations of all types and sizes. As a condition of qualification, members agree to share at least five environmental practices and one measurable result while striving to continually improve their environmental performance. Clym is proud to be a member of this exclusive group that has saved a combined total of more than $107 million annually through the suggestions they have shared in their online member profiles.

Whether a business is just beginning a sustainability program, or – like Clym – is always looking to push its environmental program to the next level, the Maryland Green Registry is a trusted resource. For suggestions on operational changes that protect the environment while saving money, we rely on the Maryland Green Registry.