Posted on October 21, 2021

Clym Environmental Services Awarded Gold Star for Safety by ConstructSecure: Why Does it Matter?

In September of 2021, Clym Environmental Services received its second Gold Star Safety Award from ConstructSecure, recognizing the company as one of its safest contractors and vendors. What does this really mean, though, and why does it matter to our clients?

About the ConstructSecure Gold Star Safety Award

ConstructSecure is a leading risk management firm certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) since 2018. They are the leaders in providing contracting partners safety solutions through comprehensive analysis, identifying gaps in safety and working with their clients to improve the overall safety of their organizations.

A ConstructSecure Gold Star Safety Award is given to companies with safety scores of 85-95%, factoring in both historic and current safety management practices.

Why Does a ConstructSecure Gold Star Award Matter?

Clyms’s recognition as one of the safest contractors matters to our clients, and to our company. Why is it so important?

Why It Matters for Clym

Clym is proud to be ranked as one of the safest contractors available in the environmental services industry. We ensure our employees have the training they need to provide safe services to our clients, along with the safety tested equipment required to protect themselves on every project. 

We provide our employees with the same high level training courses we offer to our clients, covering subjects such as:

  • Radiation Safety
  • Biological Safety
  • Chemical Safety
  • Waste Management/Emergency Response
  • General Industrial Safety
  • Healthcare Safety
  • Customized or specialized training 

Our technicians are highly skilled EHS Specialists, experienced in managing chemical, radioactive, and biological materials, and are versed in relevant regulatory requirements. 

Why It Matters for Our Clients

Our clients rely on Clym to safely address all environmental, health and safety concerns no matter the scope and size. Outsourcing your environmental services to a recognized ConstructSecure Gold Star safety recipient means that we provide these services with the safety of your employees and facility in mind, along with environmentally conscious solutions. Partnering with a safety-first organization like Clym will help lower your liability, and in many cases, your insurance premiums.

Clym takes safety seriously, and strives to ensure only the safest solutions for our clients on every project from biological waste disposal to handling hazardous materials, and every environmental concern in between.

Clym: Gold Star Safety for Everyone

Clym provides a comprehensive scope of waste management, environmental, health and safety services to the life sciences and healthcare industries. Our experienced professionals are service-driven and focused on designing customized, safety-oriented solutions for our clients.

We are a global services company, meaning all your environmental service needs can be handled with one call to Clym, whether it’s safety training for employees or clean up services.

If your organization uses hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, or biological agents for research, healthcare, or any other reason, we have a safety first, cost effective solution for you.

Contact us now and let us put our Gold Star safety award-winning services to work for you.